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Jade Garden is a well-established Chinese takeaway providing high class Cantonese cuisine to takeaway.


The takeaway has served the Cannock area for over 24 years. This family owned Chinese takeaway is a business built upon word of mouth thanks to a large base of regular customers that enjoy high quality Cantonese and traditional Chinese cuisine from across Cannock and beyond.


All dishes are created on the premises from fresh ingredients by the passionate chefs who are trained in the creation of dishes from across South East Asia including traditional style Chinese, Cantonese, Thai and Malaysian recipes. Special dishes that are not listed within the menu are available on request.


Our concept of a meal is very much a communal affair and one that provides a strong

sensory impact. Dishes are chosen with both taste and texture in mind, a stomach pleasing succession of sweet-sour, sharp-bland, hot-cool and crunchy with the smooth. In spite of traditional poverty and deprivation, or maybe because of it, Chinese nearly

always insist on fresh food. We do not start a meal with the idea of creating one particular dish like a stew or roast; rather, we go to the market to buy what fresh and in season, and then create the dish.


Cantonese cuisine is one of the premier regional foods of China, the method of preparation; foods are cooked quickly and lightly-stir fried -in shallow water or an oil base, usually in a wok.


The flavour of the foods is thus preserved, not lost, in preparation. Neither is the original taste of hot, spicy sauces. Many dishes, particularly vegetables or fish, are steamed. This discourages overcooking and preserves a food's delicate and natural flavours. Sauces are used to enhance flavours, not destroy them. The sauce usually contains contrasting ingredients like vinegar and sugar or ginger and onion.


The meals offered by Jade Garden Chinese takeaway represent good value for money for authentic high class Cantonese cuisine created using the freshest ingredients that can be enjoyed at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.


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